riutil -- RenderMan utilities

RiuArrow(height=1.0, thickness=0.1, headheight=0.2, headscale=1.7)
Outputs an arrow primitive. The arrow starts in the origin and ends in (0, 0, height). thickness is the overall thickness of the arrow, headheight and headscale specify the height and a factor for the radius of the arrow head.

RiuCoordSystem(thickness=0.06, shader="matte")
Outputs the three axes that represent the current coordinate system. The X-,Y- and Z-axis are colored red, green and blue. thickness specifies the thickness of the arrows and shader is used as surface shader for the entire coordinate system.

Outputs a default header into the RIB stream. This function can be called right after RiBegin() to write the following information into the RIB stream:

##RenderMan RIB-Structure 1.1
##Creator <Filename>
##CreationDate <Date>
##For <User>

The "For" information is left out if the user name can't be determined.

RiuGrid(thickness=0.02, cells=6, shader="matte", color=(0.9, 0.9, 0.9))
Outputs a grid primitive. thickness determines the thickness of the grid lines and cells the number of gridlines. The grid lies on the XY plane and is centered at the origin. The grid spacing is 1 unit. The grid uses the given shader and color.

Copyright © 2002 Matthias Baas (baas@ira.uka.de)