10.3. 3D Studio 3DS importΒΆ

The 3DS import plugin reads 3D Studio 3DS files [1]. All light sources will be imported as SpotLight3DS objects and all materials as Material3DS objects. These objects approximate the appearance of the light source/material when rendered with RenderMan but are not supported by the interactive viewer. This means you have to replace the materials and the light sources by appropriate objects if you want to display the scene interactively.


Animations are not supported yet. The content of the file will be evaluated at the current time (i.e. the time set in cgkit, not the time set in the 3DS file).

The plugin supports the following options that can be passed to the load() command:

Option Default Description
flags GEOM_INIT_ALL Flags for the mesh creation.
parent None Parent object to be used for the entire scene.

The flags option specifies what data will be attached to the generated meshes. It can be a combination of the following flags:

Flag Description
GEOM_INIT_NORMALS Compute normals
GEOM_INIT_TEXELS Add texture coordinates
GEOM_INIT_FLAGS Add the face flags (e.g. edge visibility)
GEOM_INIT_SMOOTHING Add smoothing group information
GEOM_INIT_ALL All of the above


The plugin uses the lib3ds library which is available at http://lib3ds.sourceforge.net.

The 3D Studio File Format Library
Copyright (C) 1996-2001 by J.E. Hoffmann
All rights reserved.


[1]Note that the 3DS format is the format that the old 3D Studio (for DOS) was using, it is not the native format of 3D Studio MAX anymore.

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