10.9. Acclaim Skeleton/Motion Capture file (ASF/AMC) importΒΆ

The ASF/AMC plugin reads Acclaim Skeleton Files (ASF) containing the structure of a character and Acclaim Motion Capture (AMC) files containing the actual motion.

You can read an ASF file alone in which case only the skeleton will be read. When reading an AMC file, the plugin also has to read the corresponding ASF file as this file contains information how to interpret the data in the AMC file. By default, the plugin looks for an ASF file with the same name than the AMC file but with suffix .asf instead of .amc. If this file doesn’t exist the plugin checks if the directory contains only one ASF file and chooses this one. If this also fails, an exception is generated and you should pass the ASF file name explicitly as argument to the load() function.

The plugin supports the following options that can be passed to the load() command when reading AMC files:

Option Default Description
asf None The name of the corresponding skeleton file.
framerate 30 The framerate of the motion data in the AMC file.

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