Python Module Index

    cgkit.asfamc Acclaim skeleton and motion file (ASF/AMC) reader
    cgkit.boundingbox An axis-aligned bounding box
    cgkit.bvh Reading Biovision Hierarchical (BVH) motion capture files
    cgkit.cgkitinfo Provides version information.
    cgkit.cgtypes Basic types useful for computer graphics.
    cgkit.cmds Scene-specific commands
    cgkit.cri RenderMan binding for direct access to a renderer
    cgkit.eventmanager Receiving and routing events Standard event names and classes
    cgkit.ffmpeg FFmpeg wrapper modules
    cgkit.glove Wrapper around the 5DT Data Glove SDK
    cgkit.glslangparams Extracting OpenGL 2 shader parameters
    cgkit.glslangtokenize Tokenizer for the OpenGL 2 shading language
    cgkit.hammersley Generating Hammersley and Halton points
    cgkit.jobqueue Queue jobs and process them
    cgkit.joystick Joystick support
    cgkit.keydefs Defines toolkit independent key codes
    cgkit.lwob Reading Lightwave LWOB files
    cgkit.mayaascii Reading Maya ASCII files
    cgkit.mayabinary Reading Maya Binary files
    cgkit.mayaiff Reading Maya IFF files
    cgkit.mediafile Read or write audio/video files
    cgkit.noise A set of basic noise functions
    cgkit.objmtl Reading Wavefront OBJ/MTL files
    cgkit.pluginmanager Managing plugins
    cgkit.pointcloud Read and write RenderMan point cloud files
    cgkit.ri Generic RenderMan binding to produce RIB
    cgkit.riutil RenderMan utility functions
    cgkit.scene Storing 3D data
    cgkit.sceneglobals Setting global scene data
    cgkit.sequence Handling numbered sequences Provides the same functions than the RenderMan Shading Language
    cgkit.sloargs Interrogate shader parameters from compiled RenderMan shaders
    cgkit.slots Slot classes
    cgkit.slparams Extracting RenderMan Shader parameters
    cgkit.sltokenize Tokenizer for the RenderMan Shading Language
    cgkit.spacedevice Wrapper around the 3Dconnexion Developer's Kits
    cgkit.stitch Stitching together image tiles
    cgkit.wintab Wrapper around the Wintab Developer Kit