7.23. BezierCurve — Bezier curve

class BezierCurve(name = "BezierCurve", pnts = None, closed = False, epsilon = 0.01, subdiv = 4, show_tangents = False, curvegeom = None)

pnts is a list of BezierPoint objects (see section BezierCurveGeom — Piecewise cubic Bezier curve).

If closed is set to True the last point will be connected to the first point.

epsilon is a threshold value that determines the accuracy of length calculations of the curve.

subdiv is the number of subdivisions that are made to draw the curve using OpenGL.

If show_tangents is set to True the OpenGL visualization will also show the in and out tangents.

You can also pass a previously created BezierCurveGeom object via the curvegeom argument. In this case, the arguments pnts, closed, epsilon, subdiv and show_tangents are ignored.

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