6.3. EulerAdapter — Convert euler angles to mat3, mat4 or quat

The EulerAdapter class can be used to convert euler angles to either a mat3, a mat4 or a quat. For example, you can plug an EulerAdapter into the position slot of a world object to specify the orientation of the object via euler angles.

class EulerAdapter(anglex = 0, angley = 0, anglez = 0, radians = False, order = "xyz", outtype = "mat3", name = "EulerAdapter", auto_insert = True)

anglex, angley and anglez are the initial angles around the x-, y- and z-axis.

radians determines whether angles are measured in degrees (default) or radians.

order is a string with a combination of “x”, “y” and “z” and specifies the order of the rotations.

outtype is the type of the output slot and can be one of “mat3”, “mat4” and “quat”.

The attributes anglex, angley and anglez always hold the values of their corresponding slot. The output value is available as output / output_slot.

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