4.25. stitch — Stitching together image tiles

This module can be used to stitch together images that have been rendered in tiles (using RenderMan’s RiCropWindow() functionality, for example). If you are using the render tool to create an image you can use the global value tile to render the image in tiles (see section RenderMan RIB export). The module can also be used as a stand-alone command line utility.

cgkit.stitch.stitch(filename, removetiles=False, infostream=None)

Stitches several image tiles together. filename is the base name of the image that determines the file names of the tiles. filename is also the name of the output image. If removetiles is True, the individual image files will be deleted after the image has been stitched. If infostream is set to a file like object it is used to output status information about the stitching process.

The name of an image tile must contain the crop information that was used to create the image. For example, the name of a tile for an image "out.tif" could look like this: "out_0.0_0.5_0.75_1.0.tif". The four values are the x1, x2, y1, y2 values of the crop window. Those values together with the resolution of the tile determine the resolution of the entire image. The position of the tile within that image is given by x1, y1.

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