Python Computer Graphics Kit


cgkit2 - Maya/Python - Additional utilities - cgkit1


The latest cgkit2 release can be downloaded at the project download page. You can either download the sources (*.tar.gz or *.zip) or binaries for Windows and OSX.

Please refer to the User Manual if you want to build the package yourself.

Download the Maya plugin (sourcepy-*) and accompanying Python package (maya-*) at the corresponding download section at SourceForge.

Here is an icon you may use for a Python initialization button on your shelf (thanks to Christopher Mills!):

(xpm / bmp)

  • - A maxscript to export MAX objects as Python source.
  • - A maxscript to export Biped skeletons and motions into the ASF/AMC format.
  • asfamcExporter.mel - A MEL script to export character motion into the ASF/AMC format
These utilities are also included in the utilities directory of the source package.
If you still depend on the old version 1 of cgkit, you can download v1.2.0 at the project download page. However, for new users it is recommended to obtain cgkit2.
Debian users can also install the cgkit1 package by running:

 echo "deb ./" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
 apt-get update
 apt-get install libcgkit
Thanks to Brett Hartshorn for providing the Debian package!
cgkit 1.2.0 for Python 2.4 is in the Ports Collection (graphics/py-cgkit). Thanks to Clive Crous!