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The Python Computer Graphics Kit is a collection of utilities and Python modules that simplify working with 3D data of any kind. The provided functionality can be used in domains such as scientific visualization, Virtual Reality, VFX, animation or even games. Currently, the package is implemented in Python and C++ where the C++ part is wrapped and made available in Python.

Broadly speaking, the modules inside the Python package can be divided into two categories: generic self-contained modules that add 3D-related functionality to Python (for example, the vector, matrix and quaternion types, the RenderMan bindings, noise functions, etc.) and modules that provide scene management functionality where a full 3D scene is kept in memory and can be processed or visualized. The modules in the first category can be used in any environment where Python is available such as, for example, in Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Blender or any other application that can be extended using Python. The scene-specific modules are typically only used in stand-alone Python programs as the aforementioned applications have their own scene management.


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